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Why sealcoat ?
The pavement of asphalt driveways and parking lots is made up of various sizes of rock, stone, sand, and asphalt binder (Asphaltic Cement). The binder acts as the glue to hold all of these aggregates together and provides the pavement with the rich, black color.

However, over time, the binder begins to oxidize with exposure to sun, rain, extreme heat and other elements – this is shown by the pavement color fading to gray. As the asphalt oxidizes, it becomes less flexible and cracks more easily with loads (such as cars) and with weather changes (such as the heavy rains and high temperatures). Combine this deterioration with exposure to harmful chemicals like motor oil and landscaping or household chemicals and your driveway doesn't stand a chance.

To prevent the harm caused by leaving your pavement unprotected, sealcoat is applied to “seal” out the sun's UV rays, rain and harmful chemicals. In fact, many studies have shown that maintaining pavement with sealcoat prolongs the life of your driveway or parking lot and will improve it's longevity, help to delay the eventual need to repair or replace your asphalt for many years.

What is the price of sealcoating ?
As your house, commercial property, driveway and parking lots are all unique, each driveway or parking lot sealing price is different. Based on the size and condition of your property, we use our unit pricing model to give you the most fair, competitive price possible.

What about the cracks ?
Cracks are a serious concern when it comes to asphalt, they allow moisture, water and harmful chemicals to seep into the pavement's base, slowly eroding away the base (sometimes not so slowly) which will cause further cracking and will over time completely ruin your driveway or parking lot. As water works it's way into your asphalt and eventually into the base, it will cause the asphalt to expand and contract with temperature changes, the cracks will multiple and enlarge the pavement will break and your driveway or parking lot will fail.

To prevent this, we offer as an option to you (additional costs will apply), to install one or more (dependent on the requirements) highly specialized products designed to fill and minimize the appearance of the cracks before sealcoating. Depending on the product(s) we use the cracks may or may not still be visible, however in all cases, the sealed cracks prevents moisture entering the base in these areas causing further damage.

What about oil stains ?
To eliminate oil stains from your driveway, we first clean up the wet oil, we then apply a speciality primer that is specifically designed to act as a barrier to prevent the oil that has soaked deep into the asphalt from leeching up to the surface and eating through the new layer of sealcoat. Secondly, this primer creates a bonding surface to allow the sealer to promote a very strong bond between the old sealer/asphalt and the new sealer. Unfortunately, not all stains can be completely removed but this primer usually eliminates normal oil stains.

How is the sealcoat applied?
The methods South Florida SealCoat uses depends on the project. We use different processes for commercial vs residential projects. Most home owner's driveways are sealed by meticulously hand-appling the sealer products, they are diligently worked into all the pores and crevices of the asphalt surface.

Commercial projects are a completely different approach and are as unique as the indivusual parking lot. Generally the edges are sealed by hand. The body of the parking lot is usually sealed by spraying the sealer with very specialized equipment.  On commercial projects it is the industry standard that two coats of sealer be applied, and on high traffic areas applying a third coat is very common and recomended by sealer manufacturers.  We would be very happy to discuss the details for your specific project with you. 

When can you schedule my driveway ?
We can work with you on scheduling to fit your needs. Typically jobs are scheduled within a week after we receive the signed estimate and deposit (If required). We will call a couple of days before your driveway is scheduled to confirm dates with and to answer any additional questions you may have to ensure the process goes smoothly. Please keep in mind that all schedule dates are weather permitting.

If the schedule date changes, how will I know ?
South Florida SealCoat keeps staff on call 24-hours per day to focus on customer service. If weather or other variables affect your schedule date, one of our dedicated scheduling coordinators will contact you to discuss alternate dates. If you have any questions about the schedule, please call or Text 954.237.9864
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What time will the crew arrive ?
Driveway sealing depends greatly on driveway size and condition. Because the crews are performing sealcoating on several driveways per day, it is difficult to determine when they will arrive at your driveway. However, please feel free to call 954.237.9864 to get an update of the crew's progress to help gauge their arrival time.

What about the South Florida SealCoat signs ?
One of the most inexpensive, effective ways to advertise for South Florida SealCoat is the job sign. Leaving these signs up means keeping our costs down, which is passed along to you in competitive pricing. Please leave these signs up as long as you like and we appreciate your cooperation in showing of our work and your driveway.

What do I need to do to prepare for sealcoat ?
The only thing we need from you as a customer is to clear your driveway of all vehicles, equipment, dumpsters, basketball hoops, large flower pots, furniture, or any other items that would hinder the sealcoating of your driveway.  If you are unable to do this we will put them to the side of your drive. If the items seem to be in disrepair and we feel that they can not be moved without causing possible damage we will seal around them.

Please trim the grass from the edge of the driveway (2" or more from the driveway's edge gives the best results) so we can provide 100% coverage.

Please trim any bushes the may be hanging over your driveway so we can provide 100% coverage.

Please make sure if you have an automatic sprinkler system that it is turned off. You may also want to check with your neighbor if you get run off from their system.

We do not need you to clean or prepare the driveway in any way. We clean and prepare the driveway for sealing when we arrive.

Does South Florida SealCoat, LLC repair broken asphalt ?
South Florida SealCoat specializes in crack, pothole and edge repairs and offers these services as well. These options are listed and itemized separately on your quote sheet. (Please remember, these services are subject to additional charges).

When is the best time of year to sealcoat ?
Because South Florida SealCoat uses only commercial DOT approved sealers we are able to seal driveways and parking lots year-round.

Here in South Florida there are really only two outside factors that dictate if sealer can be applied on a specific day. The first is rain, sealer can not be applied in the rain.  Also because we are in South Florida, we have all seen a time when just one cloud passes over and rains on us even though the weather forecast  and the Doppler Radar looked clear.  So as an added protection South Florida SealCoat always adds a drying agent to all of our sealers. Within a short time after the sealer is applied it is already drying on the surface.

The second outside factor that dictates if sealer can be applied on a specific day is the temperature. All sealer manufacturers recommend that the temperature be above 55 degrees over night.

How can I prevent sealcoat from getting on my fence, wall, or stone walkway ?
South Florida SealCoat crews are professionals, we take precautions to prevent sealcoat from contacting these areas of  your property. However, should sealcoat somehow contact areas that were not to be sealcoated, please call 954.237.9864 and we will dispatch someone to fix the issue.

If sealcoat gets on my grass, will sealcoat harm my lawn ?
Occasionally sealcoat could overlap slightly onto the lawn. The sealer will not harm the grass; a mowing will get rid of the sealer.

When I park on my driveway, why do tire marks appear ?
Because the varies sealers take time to fully cure, tire marks sometimes appear 1 to 2 weeks after the sealcoat is applied, especially during humid summer months. After the sealcoat cures, the tire marks will disappear.

Sometimes the sealcoat dries grey or brown. Why does this happen ?
Like any liquid-based coating, the sun helps sealcoat dry. In areas of shade, such as under a tree, the sealcoat may dry differently than the rest of the driveway. Over time, the sealcoat will dry to a uniform appearance and color.

Why do the edges of the driveway appear different ?
In order to assure proper adhesion to edges and high wear areas, we sometimes have to work the sealcoat into the pores and hairline cracks of your driveway with a special brush that may leave a slightly different appearance. Over time, the appearance will become uniform and the difference will not be noticeable.

How do I pay for services ?
Most customers pay by check, a few pay with cash, and for our customers convenience,  South Florida SealCoat now also accepts  Mastercard, Visa and Paypal (processed through Paypal).

Please note:  All payments made through Paypal, Visa or Mastercard require payment in full at least one (1) business day prior to the commencement of work. We appologise for this policy, but due to Florida statutes, work completed on a home owners property where a credit card payment is then declined is far more difficult for to collect. Hense the reason for this this policy.

(954) 237-9864