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South Florida SealCoat offers a variety of Commercial Services

Asphalt Seal Coating
                 General Purpose & Premium Sealers                 
Asphalt Crack, Pot Hole & Edge Repairs
Parking Lot Striping, Paint & ADA Complaince
  Pavers Cleaned & Sealed, Gutter Cleaning 
Hot & Cold Pressure Washing Services
Roof Sealing & Cool Roof Coatings
Roof Cleaning Services

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Commercial Services
Currently there are two primary types of sealcoating materials on the market:

Refined coal tar 

Refined coal tar is a byproduct of the coking process from the steel industry. It is a very complex mixture of thousands of chemicals and quite different in its molecular structure than asphalt. The coal tar molecules have a predominantly closed ring (aromatic) structure with a minor degree of un-saturation. Being stable inmolecular structure, these chemicals do not allow the destructive elements of weather and chemicals to affect the properties of the coal tar.

For a variety of reasons, the most commonly used sealcoatings have been based on refined coal tar. These sealcoatings act as "barrier coats" to protect asphalt surfaces. Sealcoatings based on refined coal tar were introduced in the 1950s and have been used extensively to protect off-street pavements. These often are referred to as C.T.P.E. (Coal Tar Pitch Emulsions), denoting that these coatings are water based, obtained by dispersing refined coal tar in a matrix of clay and water. The finished product is a stable, homogeneous composition that is applied with ease and safety in handling. The protective features of refined coal tar and the reinforcing effect of the mineral fillers, provide a "barrier coating" that will flex with the pavementís movements while protecting the asphalt from the destructive elements of weather, gas, oil, fat, chemicals etc.

Asphalt Emultion
In recent years asphalt emulsion based coatings have been introduced with varying degrees of success. In fact, many sealer manufacturers that previously produced only refined coal tar sealers now also produce asphalt emultion based sealers or even asphalt/refined coal tar blends. The asphalt emulsions deliver most of the same properties as refined coal tar-based coatings, except for the resistance to color fading due to ultraviolet degradation, salts, and petrochemicals like oils, fats, grease and solvents. These deficiencies are inherent in the asphalt binder itself. Being a petroleum derivative, asphalt has a natural affinity for petrochemicals, so it is easily dissolved by them. Asphalt emulsion-based coatings are made using either a soap emulsion (SS-1-H, for example) or clay stabilized emulsions. Both types are suitable but the properties of clay stabilized emulsions can be controlled better through selection of the right ingredients.

In recent years sealcoat manufacturers have been quite successful refining the performance of asphalt emulsion sealers through the use of specialty chemicals and pigments. However, asphalt emulsionís resistance to petrochemicals and solvents - while improved - has yet to be overcome.

In spite of this deficiency, sealcoaters have recognized some definite advantages of asphalt emulsion over refined coal tar sealers: Asphalt emulsion sealcoats are more "user friendly," practically odorless, and do not irritate and burn the skin (features especially important for installers with respiratory conditions or sensitive skin). It is noteworthy, however, that the Federal Aviation Administration Specifications (P-625, 627 and 628) accept only refined coal tar-based sealcoatings for use on airport projects, because the refined coal tar based sealcoatings offer greater resistance to petroleum products, jet fuels, various salts and salt air. 

Federal DOT and most State DOT approved projects specify only refined coal tar-based sealcoatings for these same reasons.

South Florida SealCoat uses only refined coal tar-based sealers on all sealcoating projects, commercial or residential.

Commercial Sealcoating Services
Why ChooseSouth Florida SealCoat, LLC for Your Commercial Sealcoating?

If you are looking for lowest bidder, South Florida SealCoat will likely NOT be your commercial sealcoating contractor. We firmly believe that you get what you pay for. Our pricing is always competitive, but we do not try to be the "lowest bidder". Many of those "lowest bidders" are not even seal coating contractors but weekend warriors and traveling "gypsy" seal coaters (if even that). By spending a little extra now, working with an established South Florida SealCoating Contractor, you will get a quality job AND in the long run will spend less money later. South Florida SealCoat has been solicited on more than a few occassions  to "fix" the work of another sealcoating company that offered the "lowest bid".

Brian Kowalski personally oversees all of our projects, hires & trains all of our workers. Our focus is to provide timely, quality workmanship while meticulously adhering to ALL safety standards.

We take extra care when sealing your parking lot. A sloppy job OR  faded, tired looking parking lot can cause you to LOSE  CURB APPEAL  & BUSINESS. At South Florida SealCoat, we take extra steps to make sure your  parking lot looks crisp and fresh. We pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship, using the best products in the industry.

South Florida SealCoat applies only heavy-duty commercial grade sealer which meets or exceeds Federal Government Specification RP-355e (GSA-FSS). This sealer is specifically designed to protect bituminous pavements to form a tough, durable and flexible coating that protects asphalt pavements from the damaging elements of  weather, water, salts, gas and other petrochemicals. Our products preserve and protect your investment.


Sealcoating is the most effective in method to protect your asphalt investment. Our sealers resist water penetration and help protect against cracking from oxidation and weather extremes. In addition, sealed asphalt receives added protection against deterioration, crumbling, and shrinkage. The refined coal-tar sealers used by South Florida SealCoat also provide resistance to elements that can soften asphalt, enhances asphalt appearance by restoring the original jet black color, making it easier to clean and maintain while extending the life of your pavement.


(954) 237-9864